Navigating Plausible and Preferred Philippine Futures: Report on the CEF Strategic Foresight and Futures Thinking Course

Philippine Futures Circa 1999 Thirteen years ago, the 16th World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) Global Conference the Futures of Diversity: Celebrating Life and Complexities in the Next 100 Years  was held in the Philippines. The conference revolved around… Read More

Future Generations Thinking and Social Foresight

I was able to facilitate a couple of Ilocano youth futures workshop in the province last month and we had about 800 students and youth signed up for a series of futures workshops. The aim of the futures… Read More

City of Sunshine 2040!

The city of Laoag is blessed with brilliant story-tellers, long-term thinkers, and scenario-makers.This I learned when we had a scenario-building workshop last week at the Fort Ilocandia Resort and Hotel. Organized and facilitated by the WWF-Philippines (World Wide… Read More