Food, Cosmology and Futures Studies

“Eat what your genes like” The Economist It was wonderful and magnificent attending the Asia Pacific Conference 2012. This year the foresighteers summit was held in Perth, Australia. I was invited to speak at the conference and was… Read More

Reinventing democracy: any alternative?

(This is an excerpt of the paper that I presented at the 50th Philippine Political Science International Congress Xavier University-Ateneo De Cagayan last April 12-14, 2012). Observers from the 1970s noted a bleak future for democracy and democratic… Read More

The Cultural Infrastructure Epidemic

“Video games are one step before a whole other virtual universe.” Vin Diesel, actor “Welcome to the future era” is the future era-entering quote of Civilization V, a popular turn-based 4X computer strategy and simulation game developed by… Read More