Experiential Questioning and Gaming Research

And so we “gamed” it, played with uncertainty and had a little bit of everything! Creative and experiential questioning, futures thinking and landscape, Schwartz scenario archetypes and causal layered analysis. For two days, the University Center for Research… Read More

The Future of Ilocano Language Usage Using Jim Dator’s Alternative Futures Archetype

The Center for Engaged Foresight just embarked on a project to explore possible and plausible futures of the Ilocano language. This initiative seeks to deconstruct and imagine alternative contexts, emergence of the Ilocano language and usage in the… Read More

Student Scenarios on Philippine Higher Education Futures Workshop

I and Risa Jopson facilitated two foresight workshops in Laoag City and Metro Manila recently to explore student perspectives/scenarios on the future of Philippine Higher Education Institutions. Around 30 students/student leaders more or less participated in the focus… Read More