Transforming Philippine Cities: An Integrative Foresight Course for Women City Leaders

Many are worried that our concepts of resilience, city planning and urban regeneration are very male oriented and societal, city futures worldviews are patriarchal. So what would Philippine cities be like if they were designed by women? Will… Read More

The Causal Layered Analysis 2.0 is here!

Causal Layered Analysis 2.0 at the surface offers academics, cultural creatives, civil society leaders, political analysts, corporate executives and government decision-makers alternative and innovative ways of dissecting and recreating STEEP plus culture and values phenomena. The 2.0 provides… Read More

Futures with an Asian Flavour: The 1st Asia Pacific Futures Network Conference

CREATING AN ASIA-PACIFIC NETWORK Representatives from a number of nations – Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Iran, the Philippines, and Taiwan – met from March 19-20th at Tamkang University, Tamsui to partner and co-create an Asia-Pacific Foresight Network. Many… Read More