Transforming Anticipation in the 21st Century


The first and latest book of UNESCO “Transforming the Future: Anticipation in the Twenty First Century” edited by Riel Miller is out and free for download at  Transforming the Future.

Shermon Cruz, founder and chief futurist of the Center for Engaged Foresight, and Ace Aceron, education development officer at UNICEF, contributed a case study that explored how the Filipino youth perceives, reframes and imagines the future of leadership in Filipino context via the futures literacy lab-collective intelligence framework. Shermon has a direct contribution to the theory and practice of futures literacy and a pioneer-member of UNESCO’s Global Futures Literacy Network.

Since 2015, futures literacy laboratories were held in Laoag City in partnership with the UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines, Antipolo City sponsored by the First Pacific Leadership Academy and most recently with UNICEF Philippines in Pasig City and the City of Manila.


This seminal book showcases case studies of futures laboratories undertaken by UNESCO with a number of partners like the Center for Engaged Foresight to define the theory and practice of anticipation or futures literacy.

The book provides a wealth of articles and cases that explains the concept of ‘Futures Literacy’ as a tool to reveal, reframe and rethink people’s and organizations understanding of anticipatory systems and processes.

The book probes topics such as:

• Futures Literacy and the Discipline of Anticipation;

•  presents evidence collected from over 30 Futures Literacy Laboratories and presented in 14 full case studies;

This is a must-have book for scholars, researchers, policy-makers, and students, as well as activists working on sustainability issues and innovation, future studies, and anticipation studies.

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