Futures Literacy. Futures Studies

Rethinking Education through Imagining Future Scenarios for Non-Formal Education Sector, Chulalongkorn University, UNESCO Bangkok, 2015

We teach the future as we do the past.

Futures Studies is the systematic study of probable, possible and plausible futures including the worlviews and myths that underlies them (Inayatullah, 2009).

Social and cultural learning, the study of myth and metaphor, the arts and immersive storytelling can enrich our meaning of life and alter and even transform personal and collective social outlook. Our ways of knowing reality, our worldviews define who we are and how we construct and perceive the future. The stories, the discourse, the myth and narrative that moves us creates the world and the reality we live in.

The CEF works introduce future literacy and future studies, the discipline of anticipation to engage people to deep innovation and social foresight through the process of narrative and engaged foresight.

We love to synthesize facts, myth, philosophical, psychological, cultural and spiritual wisdom, different levels of reality in the exploration and creation of new narratives and alternative future stories.

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