Circle of Engaged Foresight

The Circle of Engaged Foresight is a network of futurists, academics, civil society, government and industry leaders around the world supporting the CEF’s efforts in advancing long-term thinking and strategic foresight in the Philippines, and the Asia Pacific.

The Circle is a contact based community network and forum where knowledge and experience are fused, shared and examined. It is organized to stimulate creative thinking, action-learning, and alternative visioning.

Dr. Hyun Rul Park is Professor Emeritus at the School of Chemical Engineering and Material Science, Chung-Ang University, South Korea and President of the International Society of Heal-being Studies. He graduated from the University De Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris France with a doctoral degree in Engineering.

Dr. Park has been building Heal-Tech based nationwide projects supported by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of South Korea. He has been active in research related to Carbon Dioxide Utilization, Sustainable Development, Culture-based creative economics, industries and Climate Change.  He has authored a number of books on global environment theory, environmental sciences, global warming and recently published Two Natures Harmony (2012) and Another Future: Advent of the Heal-being Era.

Premalatha Karupia

Premalatha Karupia is a senior lecturer at the School of Social Sciences, Universiti of Sains Malaysia in Penang Malaysia. She teaches in research metholodogy, the sociology of work and statistics. Her research interests are in the study of beauty culture, educational and occupational choices and the Indian diaspora.

Prof. Gina Lomotan

Prof. Gina Lomotan focuses on areas of strategic planning, development management and climate change adaptation.  She graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science (cum laude).

She completed her Master’s degree in Development Management from the Asian Institute of Management.  Professor Gina Lomotan is active with the International Movement of  Development Managers (IMDM) and does consulting work in the areas of  project management, program evaluation, case writing, impact evaluation and facilitator of training workshops.  Prof. Lomotan teaches political science, development studies and environment and society courses at De La Salle University Manila.  She is an Assistant Professor at DLSU.

Dennis Morgan

Dennis Morgan is full professor at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) in South Korea. Morgan has lived in Korea for 15 years while teaching English in a university context. He has an M.A. in Applied Linguistics for TESOL (2004) and an M.S. in Futures Studies (1992).

In 2007, he assisted Richard Slaughter in an Internet-based research project, State of Play in the Futures Field (SOPIFF). Through this project and subsequent correspondence with Dr. Slaughter, he became interested in how Integral Theory can serve as an epistemological framework for futures studies.

His publications in Foresight, “Futures Schools of Thought within the Integral Futures Framework” (2009) and “Civilizational Futures within the IF Framework” (2010), as well as two publications in the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, “Futures and the Future: An Integral Response to Epistemological Pluralism in Futures Studies” (2011) and “Applying Integral Theory to Futures Schools of Thought” (2012) express his research interest in Integral Futures.

At HUFS, besides teaching four-skills language courses, he also teaches courses on Globalization, American Studies, and Intercultural Communication. During the summer and winter breaks (while relieved of teaching duties), he lives with his wife and three children in Silang, Cavite.

Prof. Marcus Bussey

Prof. Marcus Bussey is Lecturer in World History/Sustainable Futures and also Research Fellow in Regional Futures with the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Sustainability Research Centre, Australia and Visiting Fellow at Nanyang Technological University’s S. Rajanatram School of International Studies, Singapore.

Marcus has authored over 50 articles, book chapters and encyclopedia entries and co-authored books like Futures Thinking and Social Foresight (with Richard Slaughter), Neo-humanist Education Futures: Liberating the Pedagogical Intellect (with Sohail Inayatullah and Ivanah Milojevic) and Alternative Educational Futures.

He has presented papers on futures thinking, education, social change, personal transformation and community engagement in Taiwan, Sweden, Serbia, Israel, India, Finland, Denmark and the US.

Romelene G. Pacis

Romelene G. Pacis is an editor at the center for research at Northwestern University. A graduate with a degree in language and literature, she developed her advocacy for the Ilocano language at the University of the Philippines Baguio when she decided to make a study on its morphology. The same study was presented on an international conference a year after it was done. Her concentration is linguistics, language use and its relation to popular culture.

Before becoming an editor, she was a college instructor teaching research in Filipino. She recently decided to pursue her graduate studies at Mariano Marcos State University for its master of arts in English language and literature program. Afterwhich, she plans to return to the academic community to teach, do research and be published.

Known to be a big fan of do-it-yourself projects and handicrafts, she dreams of becoming a carpenter after retirement. She is an internet savvy and a frequent consumer of social networking. She can be reached at

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