Karl Lenin Benigno

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Karl is a Futures Learning Advisor at the Center for Engaged Foresight. He is currently the Director of the Institutional Planning and Organizational Development Department and Chairman of the Disaster Task Force Northwestern University, Laoag City. He lectures on politics, society, and culture as well as on disaster risk reduction education to tertiary and secondary students.

He is trained by the Office of the Civil Defense as a certified incident manager and expert on collapsed structure search and rescue trained under the Philippine Navy’s Disaster Emergency Assistance and Rescue Training Program. He is a member of the Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management, a trans-national disaster aid alliance that works to facilitate cooperation and understanding between governments, private companies and NGOs in the Asia Pacific region.

He is an active member of the Philippine Navy’s Naval Reserve Command Northern Luzon and trained with American Troops on humanitarian assistance and disaster rescue during the conduct of the Balikatan Exercises, an international bilateral exercise between the Philippines and the United States Armed Forces. As a Navy reservist, he also participates in rescue and humanitarian efforts during calamities and emergencies.

Karl has been actively promoting futures thinking when he completed his multiple futures thinking certificate course with the Center for Engaged Foresight since 2012. He actively participated in organizing multiple futures events including co-facilitating the first UNESCO futures literacy workshop in 2014. He has employed foresight tools and methods in developing Northwestern University’s strategic planning and program development including the integration and teaching of futures studies in the university.

Mr. Benigno is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Bachelor of Laws at Northwestern University. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Public Administration Program of the same University.