Peachie Dioquino-Valera

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Peachie is a Futures Learning Advisor at Center for Engaged Foresight. She is also known as Peachie Keen! & Green and is a Climate Reality Leader of Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project. An activist and project consultant (events, environment, and media matters), she has worked with various organizations, companies, and government agencies (such as DENR, DOE, and DepEd) in addressing environmental issues.

Peachie’s background as a Humanities Graduate of University of Asia & the Pacific (UA&P); Senior Marketing and Local Productions Officer of Solar-Entertainment; Senior Programs officer of ABS-CBN Foundation; and contractual specialist for different media entities and I/NGOs enabled her to become a connector. This played a great role in her activism work, which includes being a motivational public/resource speaker. She believes that the environment is everyone’s business; therefore, solutions coming from all sectors must be unified in order to achieve the needed change. Up to date, she has presented the Climate Change & Plastic Pollution crisis to around 10,000 people coming from different backgrounds. She also does public speaking on Veganism.

Peachie’s interest in futures thinking took off when she completed the futures thinking and strategy development certificate course organized and facilitated by the World Futures Studies Federation via its Learning Lab project in partnership with the Center for Engaged Foresight. She has co-designed and co-facilitated a number of engaged foresight workshops including managing CEF’s apprenticeship program with Far Eastern University in 2018.

Peachie, under her label, used to be a contributor for Inquirer POP!.net (2017-2018) but had to depart for a while since she is currently focusing on completing her Plastic Crisis documentary —in collaboration with Signal Fire Productions— which they plan to air over CNN Philippines.

Her other freelance work consists of being a Writer & Talent (VO, Events Host, Print, and TV). Ms. Valera, along with her husband, also produces mini fundraisers as much as their time permits. They favor anti-child trafficking & anti-child pornography organizations as beneficiaries.

Her dream for the Philippines is to become sustainable, vegan, corrupt-free, empathetic, and foresighted. She believes that if we dream and act on it together, it shall come true.