Strategic Foresight Training and Workshop

We provide basic and advance futures thinking, futures literacy and strategic foresight course, training, and workshops.

The training and workshops are designed to introduce, immerse and build people and organization skill-set to use the future to innovate today, anticipate unknown risks and threats and identify emerging opportunities.

We employ critical, creative, action-learning and gamification techniques and combine a variety anticipatory tools and techniques to thicken our participants and clients future-forward thinking and stimulate their capacity to imagine alternative and preferred futures.

Transformative Futures Research

CEF works to blend quantitative and qualitative futures research methodologies to help organizations question familiar futures, probe, prospect, scan possible, probable and preferable futures.

CEF research and innovation efforts are geared to build the skill-set of people to apply futures studies and foresight research tools and methods to anticipate emergence, identify trends, explore unknown possibilities, analyze the impacts of black swans, grey rhinos, wicked problems as well as big opportunities.

CEF applies creative, empirical, critical, interpretive, action-learning and gamification research methodologies to reveal and make obvious otherwise unknown people and communities ways of knowing and creating alternative and preferred futures.

Consulting and Presentations

CEF makes speeches and presentations on diverse issues and topics about the future to inspire, provoke and engage people to explore and ‘use the future’ to reinvent the present.

Through consulting, we also support organizations embed strategic foresight into organizational culture and futures thinking into day-to-day activities. We co-design with our partners to explore, envision and define aspired and desirable futures.


The Center for Engaged Foresight Apprenticeship Program aims to equip students with basic research and foresight practitioner skills. The CEF creates space for a students to learn the nuts and bolts of futures studies, build and connect with foresight communities and partners.