Alternative Futures of Global Governance: scenarios and perspectives from the Global South

My paper on the future of global governance published by Emerald Foresight is out!  Download your copy @ and This paper highlights the emerging roles and perspectives of the Global South in global governance. It identifies some… Read More

Panatag Shoal Alternative Futures and Impact to East Asia

The latest Journal of Futures Studies (JFS) is out and happy to see my paper exploring the futures of the Panatag shoal published  in the Manoa School special edition. The Panatag shoal paper abstract here: Leading scholars of… Read More

The Future of Ilocano Language Usage Using Jim Dator’s Alternative Futures Archetype

The Center for Engaged Foresight just embarked on a project to explore possible and plausible futures of the Ilocano language. This initiative seeks to deconstruct and imagine alternative contexts, emergence of the Ilocano language and usage in the… Read More

The Cultural Infrastructure Epidemic

“Video games are one step before a whole other virtual universe.” Vin Diesel, actor “Welcome to the future era” is the future era-entering quote of Civilization V, a popular turn-based 4X computer strategy and simulation game developed by… Read More