A Handshake or a Fistfight? The Future of the West Philippine Sea

This month the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) organized its first West Philippine Sea  national conference. To explore, discuss and anticipate probable futures, leading Filipino international relations experts, scholars and participants wrestled for two days the past,present… Read More

Where do we go from here? Pop Thoughts and Some Wicked Notes @ the 2014 Philippine Society for Public Administration InterConf

“The Bamboo that bends is better than the oak that resists.” –Japanese Proverb I got an invitation from the Philippine Society for Public Administration (PSPA) last month to share the outputs and insights of the UNESCO Laoag Knowledge… Read More

Panatag Shoal Alternative Futures and Impact to East Asia

The latest Journal of Futures Studies (JFS) is out and happy to see my paper exploring the futures of the Panatag shoal published  in the Manoa School special edition. The Panatag shoal paper abstract here: Leading scholars of… Read More