Alternative Futures of Global Governance: scenarios and perspectives from the Global South

My paper on the future of global governance published by Emerald Foresight is out!  Download your copy @ and This paper highlights the emerging roles and perspectives of the Global South in global governance. It identifies some… Read More

Transforming the Brotherhood

(Here is a summary of the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Convention and foresight workshop we had a couple of months ago. A full report will be published in the APOLINAC magazine this year.)   What would APOLINAC, as… Read More

Student Scenarios on Philippine Higher Education Futures Workshop

I and Risa Jopson facilitated two foresight workshops in Laoag City and Metro Manila recently to explore student perspectives/scenarios on the future of Philippine Higher Education Institutions. Around 30 students/student leaders more or less participated in the focus… Read More

Imagination, Cultural Memory and Positive Futures

How reflective are we? Are we here to predict the future? How do we construct our future? Are we future conscious or literate? What is the real world? What will the future of the Philippines; the future of… Read More